Technology Committee

De Soto School District 73
Technology Committee

Technology Mission Statement
De Soto School District technology will provide students, parents, staff, and administration with the resources essential to the safe and successful integration of technology in all aspects of teaching, learning, and administration of the District.

Technology Vision Statement
De Soto School District technology is a resource that enhances the teaching and learning experience by empowering students and teachers.  Additionally, it provides staff the tools needed to efficiently and effectively operate all District administrative and support requirements.  It is to create an environment where students, parents, teachers and staff have safe, secure, and reliable access for all that fosters creativity, critical-thinking, and higher learning.

2016/2017 Technology Committee Members

Doréan Dow, Assistant Superintendent
Clint Freeman, Assistant Superintendent
Wayne Donjon, Technology
Lori Howerton, ECC
Melissa Cope, AES
Patrick Myers, VES
Lindsey Waggoner, VES
Melissa Dunnegan, VES
Betsy Weber, VES
Samantha Boyer, VES
Teresa Campbell, VES

Christine Logan-Hollis, DJH
Jennifer Kidwell, DHS
Fawn Ponzar, DHS
Darrell Boyer, DHS
Michael Rickermann, Admin
Adam Grindstaff, Admin
Amanda Britain, Admin
Alex Mahn, Admin