The District Curriculum Action Team (DCAT) is a committee of teachers and administrators who support the development of curriculum and the understanding and application of good assessment and instructional practices.

Doréan Dow, CO
Amanda Britain, AES
Jessica McWilliams, AES
Katie LaMar, AES
MaryAnn Vaughn, AES
Adam Grindstaff, VES
Adrienne Myers, VES
Dana Stukey, VES
Rebecca Hancock, VES
Tana White, VES
Ann Hammond, VES
Alex Mahn, DJH
Christine Logan-Hollis, DJH
Tracy Lewis, DHS
Keeley Stearns, DHS
Deana Pope, DHS
Christopher Woelich, DHS
Fawn Ponzar, DHS

Visit the Minutes page to learn more about this committee's work.